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 server. ​ To find out if this command is enabled on a server, you can refer server. ​ To find out if this command is enabled on a server, you can refer
 to the output of ''/​list map''​. to the output of ''/​list map''​.
 +==== /vote prey <​player>​ ====
 +This command is only useful when playing MDG maps.  MDG (Most Dangerous Game) maps
 +are designed for asynchronous play, where one player is pitted against all
 +other players. ​ This mode was designed to make games more interesting for the
 +players who are so good, they need an unbalanced game to challenge them.  A
 +good 1DM MDG map puts bots in a place where they will be killed right away, so
 +they don't distract from the real game.  In TDM, they should safely stored in a
 +rubber box where they can't die.
 +By default, in MDG mode, the first player to join a team will become the prey.
 +Players can vote a new player to become prey using this command, in case the
 +wrong player too quickly presses ''​f''​ to join a team.
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