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Playing Alti+ Maps

Most of playing games on an alti+server is the same as any other server. Many changes are relatively obvious, and can be seen at map start. However, some may not be. Below are a number of commands you can use to play successfully.

/list map

This command will display the settings changes for the current map. If gravity is different, the spawnMode settings, plane restrictions, etc. you can see all of these settings with this command.

/sz start

Many maps on an alti+server update your spawn point based on zones, or crossing specific power ups. Sometimes, you need to get back to the initial start. If this is required, use /sz start to update your spawn zone to be the standard map starting point.

/list doors

If a map has doors, you can use this command to list the doors, their keys, and see which keys are yet to be acquired to open the door.

/list zones

If a map has zones, you can use this command to list the zones, their keys, and see which keys are yet to be acquired to open the door.

/list portals

A portal is a powerup which, when found, removes you from the map and sets your next spawn to be somewhere else (aka teleport). To see which portals exist on a map, and where they teleport to, you can run this command and all available portals for your team will be displayed.


This command allows you to change planes without having to die. After changing planes, you will spawn exactly where you left off. This command is meant to help individuals play coop maps which require more than one plane type to finish. Normally, this command only works when few players are on the server. To find out if this command is enabled on a server, you can refer to the output of /list map.

/vote prey <player>

This command is only useful when playing MDG maps. MDG (Most Dangerous Game) maps are designed for asynchronous play, where one player is pitted against all other players. This mode was designed to make games more interesting for the players who are so good, they need an unbalanced game to challenge them. A good 1DM MDG map puts bots in a place where they will be killed right away, so they don't distract from the real game. In TDM, they should safely stored in a rubber box where they can't die.

By default, in MDG mode, the first player to join a team will become the prey. Players can vote a new player to become prey using this command, in case the wrong player too quickly presses f to join a team.


On Coop maps, this command can be used to start the map over. If there are only 1 or 2 players alive, either of them can restart the map just by calling this command. This is useful in 1-life maps when not enough players remain to complete a map. /restartMap will call a vote otherwise, so it is good practice to get in the habit of using this command, regardless of the situation.

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