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Altitude+ (or Alti+ for short) is a wrapper system around the Altitude game. It provides additional features and tools for map makers to create extended game types. It also provides an easier administration interface for server admins.

Alti+ Servers

Name Description
Map QA This server is for testing new maps, and often doesn't have many too choose from.
Team+ This is the production Alti+ server for team oriented maps (TBD, BALL, TDM, Race, MDG, Ruin, Flag)
Football+ (US) The North American Football+ server, it auto-selects the ball_whl map
Football+ (EU) The European Football+ server, it auto-selects the ball_whl map
Coop+ The Alti+ enhanced Coop

Alti+ Maps

Alti+ maps can have a special file named plus.txt contained in them. If this file exists, it is used to configure the server. Other than that, the are normal Altitude maps. To get an idea of the different types of games avaialable on Alti+ server, see the original Alti+ Forum Thread.

For details on making Alti+ maps, see the alti-server page on GitHub. The Readme file contains information about all the additional commands available to map makers.

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