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The Coop+ Altitude server is one of the most used Coop servers in Altitude. It runs on a google compute VM in the central United States. The alti+server code implementes a number of features when lends itself to serving coop, such as:

  1. Each map can have automatic team assignments,
  2. planes capable of breaking the map can be disallowed,
  3. additional spawn zones can be created to keep the teams moving,
  4. new coop maps using Alti+ specialized features are possible, and
  5. records are kept for each completed game.



  • biell
  • Brutal
  • list


Moderators can run /restartMap, /balanceTeams, /changeMap, and /randomMap.

  • estguy
  • ziliss
  • [pope]Hawkward
  • [MEGA] MasterGeek
  • Mavis
  • Vesuvius


The alti+server record engine is reasonably sophisticated. It provides more feedback than most during game plan, and makes intellegent decisions on what and who helped complete a map. Some of the features are:

  1. A player must destroy a base for a game to be considered “won”. If a turret were to destroy a base (either base), then the players lost, and no records are recorded. There are a number of maps where this can occur, and the players should consider it a loss if the game ends this way. Quite often, when the game does end this way, it is much faster than what is possible when playing to normal completion.
  2. Then the game starts, the top 5 records are displayed on the screen to show the players what kind of time they need to make the leader board. This lets the players immediately know what they are up against, and also provides clues to new players that they may be playing a map incorrectly. For example, if a record on a map is 1:30.4 (1 minute, 30.4 seconds), and the players are taking the time to destroy every turret, then maybe something is wrong. Maybe, this is a rush map, and can be played differently.
  3. While the game progresses, the alti+server displays the top 5 records as they are passed. This is especially helpful to teams trying to break into the top 5; it let's them know how close they are. Please keep in mind that these message may suffer from lag, and are not 100% on-time. They generally show up on your screen within a second of their actual occurance. So, it is not unheard of for a base to be bombed right after a 5th place message is displayed, and for you to find that you did, indead, grab 5th place.
  4. Although only the top 5 places are displayed (the leader board), each map can have 100 records stored in a database. Your position among those 100 is displayed, so you can see relatively how you fared. If your time is the absolute slowest, it will be listed as position 101, and not saved to the database. If you are less than that, whichever record used to be 100 will be deleted.
  5. The alti+server can store a consistant name for accounts, and multiple accounts can be linked. These names are pulled from Ladder's AKA, see the PlaneBall ranked/about page for more information on @aka names. If you need to link additional names, or wish to change your AKA name, please contact Van in game or on the forums. There is no reason for the Altitude community to keep two divergent sets of account linkages, and so this server defers to the Ladder system. After the account is updated, you can contact biell in-game, or via forums and he will run a re-sync. Or, you can wait for a periodic resync to occur. when your name is attached to a record on Coop+, it uses this name, regardless of which of your accounts are used, and what your nickname happens to be right now. So, if you are temporarily loaned out to a new clan for a particular tournament, you don't have to worry about immortalizing that in a Coop+ record.
  6. During a Coop game, each player's contribution is kept track of and stored in-memory. If you are disconnected and re-connect, your contribution is not lost, and continues to grow. Additionally, if you are the hero of a map, but have to leave right before the base is bombed, you still have a chance to get your name in the players list. These contributions are orderd, and the players with the top 5 contributions are listed in the record. If there are additional players who could not be mentioned, the player list will end with . Sometimes a player's contribution is so miniscule, that it will not even be mentioned. A good example of this is tbd_coop_tunnel which is a rush map. If you didn't bomb the base at least once, you didn't help complete the map, and won't be listed in the record.

Server Configuration

  • AltitudeServerConfig
    • maxPlayerCount=10
    • autoBalanceTeams=false
    • preventTeamSwitching=false
    • disableBalanceTeamsPopup=true
    • callEndOfRoundVote=true
    • BotConfig
      • numberOfBots=0
      • botDifficulty=EASY
      • botSpectateThreshold=9
    • BaseDestroyGameMode
      • RoundLimit=1
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