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The RUIN game type (originally called raze, but changed because it was too similar to race) is an Alti+ game type where you must destroy all of the opposing infrastructure to win. The base Altitude mode for this game type is BALL, and so RUIN maps should start with ball_ruin_.

Since the base game mode is BALL, there can be multiple bases and turrets, all of which must be destroyed to win. There are two variants of this game type: team vs team, and team vs computer.

team vs team

In this variant, each team should have an equal number of turrets and bases. If there are bases, the bomb spawning should also be identical. Since each team is competing for the same goal, it should be equal.

Maps work at any size in this game type, and vary based on how much interaction between opposing players is desired. Turrets are often hidden behind objects to complete the visuals for the map.

team vs computer

In this variant, all human players are assigned to one team and are working together (much like the COOP game type) to destroy all the map's structures as fast as possible. This variant is timed, like the COOP and RACE game types, and records are kept. One catch to this mode is that the Bots should be live, and they get a point for each human player they kill. So, unlike COOP, the computer can win!

Maps should not be too square with this game type, or Bots tend to wonder too much.

Map Making

Map design is pretty open depending on what type of game you want. If it is team vs computer, it is important that the map is either wide & not tall, or tall & not wide. For team vs team, follow a combination of TBD and TDM. Game play should account for both infiltrators and defenders. As such, you may want to create wall power-ups for defenders and shields for infiltrators.

Turrets with a health greater than 10,000 will be ignored. So, if you wish to create a COOP style pink turret, that is allowed. I would recommend keeping it pink, so standard COOP convention can be followed. Otherwise, you may wish to demarcate is in some way to let people know they don't have to destroy it.

Turrets cannot be allowed to kill each other. If you create the map such that one turret can kill another, then the turret destruction cannot be assigned to the correct team, and that team cannot win. The map must be carefully designed so that turrets cannot kill each other.

In team vs computer, you must kill all turrets which are not yours. So, you want to make sure the computer isn't going to kill any turrets. This isn't usually an issue, but if it is, you may need to make all turrets the same color as the bots. The reason to even allow this in the first place, is if you sequester the bots, like in COOP. In fact, any COOP map can be changed such that all objects (not just the base) must be destroyed by adding off-map ball spawns and goals, then saving with the new prefix ball_ruin_ instead of tbd_coop_.

In team vs team, you only have to kill turrets and bases which belong to the opposing team. Any turret or base which belongs to neither team does not have to be destroyed, and if it is, does not count towards the final total. You can use this to provide a center map buffer of turrets, if you like.

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