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Alti+ server policy

Alti+ rules

  1. Be nice
  2. Have fun
  3. Acknowledge that this is a game

Alti+ server statement of purpose

These servers are here in an attempt to bring the fun back into Altitude. When a game becomes as old as Altitude, it can become stale. Alti+ is designed to reinvigorate older players and entice them to come back to the community. These new challenges can sometimes seem like an attack on the purity of the game, and that is not intentded in any way. I am just trying to make the game fun and challenging for more people.

On Alti+ servers, please remember that this is a game. Have fun, and fly well.

Alti+ server policing

When a game has a large user base, it is easy to maintain seperation between different groups, when it is small, that isn't so easy. In an effort to keep the game fun for everyone, and have as many people as possible on an equal footing, most admin functions are built into the server. Players should feel free to have fun and try new planes and methods out. The server is configured to root out and kick abusive players, taking the human decisioning part out of the equation. This will hopefully foster friendship among players and keep drama to a minimum.

This is why Alti+ servers have very few admin players, and instead have moderators. Moderators can help keep the game going without constant vote calls, but don't need to worry about enforcing behavior rules which can be interpreted in different ways. On Alti+ servers, we try to ban and kick people as infrequently as possible. A ban from Alti+ servers for more than a day would require a consistent pattern of abuse towards other players, or complete and utter refusal to participate in a constructive fashion.

Bullying, abuse, and prejudice are not permitted. These are the main ways to receive a long term ban.

If you see something which isn't right on Alti+, please bring this to the attention of biell, he will work on updating the code to automatically detect and deal with this kind of behaviour in the future.

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