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Most Dangerous Game

The MDG game type gets its name from the short story by Richard Connell. This is an Asynchronous gameplay that pits a single player against every other player. Presumably, the single player is skillful and can handle themselves. Nevertheless, the map should be designed to provide an advantage to the single player. The natural advantage provided by the map, and their skill will be tested by the coordination of all other players trying to defeat the most dangerous game.

This map type doesn't need to be very big, as the action should be centered around the MDG player's strong hold. The game type can be played either as TDM or 1DM, but works best as 1DM, where players do not spawn after being defeated.

Be mindful of the game timer when creating MDG maps, the optimal time is somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes depending on the map.

As you can see, in this example, there are safe spots for both sides, and the MDG player has a defensible position. On this map, the MDG player is blue, ans spawns in the top-right section of the map.

Switching players

If the group wishes to elect someone else (presumably becuause they are good and want to be it) to be the MDG, then you can vote in a player, say playerA with the following command:

/vote prey playerA

Map Making

When designing an MDG map, create a protected area for the MDG player, and a spawn location far from that protected area for the other players. You should also create spawn positions for the MDG team suitable for bots. In 1DM, these spawns should ensure the bots die right away, usually by spawning them right into a high damage wall. In TDM, this should be a safe space, where you don't expect the bots to die (similar to a coop map).

You will then specify the specific spawn location for the MDG player to move them out of the bot kill barrel. In MDG, you must also specify which team the pack should be on.

/set assignTeam left
/set spawnMode zone
/add zone spawn right 2800,900,nw
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