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Usually just called “tunnel”, this is a rush map. If done correctly, you shouldn't even try to destroy any of the turrets. The key to running this map quickly are in using Green_Perks#Rubberized_Hull and Blue_Perks#Reverse_Thrust. The reason these two perks are so important is that the way to get through two sections of the tunnel, you need to pull yourself across the floor while shielding yourself from turrets above. Rev is necessary to propel yourself along the floor, and Rubber is necessary to limit the damage accumulated from constant interaction with the floor.

Any plane can be used on this map. Biplane with dogfighter has the benefit of additional propulsion from recoil.

Slide across the floor

Grab a shield, use rev to slide across floor. There is a shield and health along the way to help you out.

Go backwards and use shield

Turrets will either be behind you or in front of you. Face the turrets and use the shield for protection. Use rev or thrust if going backwards or forwards.

Be careful bombing

The area around the base is small, take care in bombing not to die.

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