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The ball_whl map is a tribute to White Heart Lane. It is an updated football map. In this map, however, the spawn points are on the playing field and when you die, you spawn at the closest spawn point to where you died. A player will always spawn on their side of the center line.

Football (soccer) is a sport of passing. Every part of ball_whl is designed to try and encourage passing. The outer walls are jagged, so self passing off the wall doesn't work very well. Players spawn on the field, so they are ready to be passed too right away. There are no power ups which would keep a player from receiving a pass, The field is wide, allowing players to position for a pass, the ball moves at the same speed for more accurate passes (even to players above you), the spawn health slides based on the number of active players to create an optimal value, and players cannot enter the goal box.

This map is meant to have a full-time goalie. The goals are bigger, they sport a health power-up, and players can't dunk. The goalie should always be ready to use a health power-up, and his teammates should be focused on protecting him from harm.



The Alti+ map configration:

/set planeScale 85
/set gravity 2
/set spawnHealth 200
/set spawnMode near

/add zone goal    < 251,1025,c
/add zone back1   < 380,1358,c
/add zone back2   < 380,690,c
/add zone mid1    < 663,1550,c
/add zone mid2    < 663,498,c
/add zone forward < 1260,1025,c

/add zone goal    > 2821,1025,c
/add zone back1   > 2692,1358,c
/add zone back2   > 2692,690,c
/add zone mid1    > 2409,1550,c
/add zone mid2    > 2409,498,c
/add zone forward > 1812,1025,c

The Alti+ configuration file can be found on plus.txt

The Alti+ script which provides the coding can be found on whl_health script

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