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Half Court is a simple map which fits on one screen. During game play, there is no scrolling. In half court, both teams share the same goal. Because of this, any interception requires that the ball be brought out before returning to play, just like in half court basketball.

At the start of the game, all players spawn near the goal, and the ball spawns on the opposite side of the court. One team will reach the ball first. This team has possession. If, any other player catches the ball from this time until a goal occurs, then there is a turnover. In the case of a turnover, the ball spawns in the same location as normal, but the player who intercepted the ball spawns next to it. This team now has possession, and the game continues until a goal is scored.

The goal is lined with a thin read damage line, if you touch the line, you will likely die. This damage line is to limit the effectiveness of goal tending.



The Alti+ map configration:

/set planeScale 90

The Alti+ configuration file can be found on plus.txt

The Alti+ script which provides the coding can be found on ball_half_court

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