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Map QA

The Map QA Altitude server is intended for new map development and quality assurance. The alti+server code is specifically designed for map developers. It makes map uploading and verificaiton easy. The Map QA server is also the primary development platform for the alti+sever code base itself. The server is located in the Eastern United States.

Alti+ maps cannot be fully tested in the map editor, because it lacks the functionality required to test each feature. This is what makes the Map QA server so vital to the Alti+ community.

Players on Map QA should expect admins to upload new maps, and test them by changing the map to a newly uploaded version. If you are playing on Map QA, please help out by answering questions by the map makers, and also please offer constructive advice. Whenever possible, admins should let a game complete before changing the map. But, if that game is taking too long, it is OK to change.

Since it is for testing, records, ratings, etc. accomplished on the Map QA server will not be copied to other Alti+ servers. The map list on Map QA should turn over periodically, with maps finding a final resting place on another server once they have been finished.


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  • juin
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  • Sirrius
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