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The Football+ Altitude servers exist to offer an alternative way of playing the popular open maps. It houses the classic ball_football, and the newer ball_hockey with their own little twists. However, it's main purpose is the only map in the rotation on this server: ball_whl. Modeled loosely after White Hart Lane, this is an open football map with a more realistic look. The design of this map is done to encourage:

  1. Passing,
  2. playing the ball,
  3. prioritize stealing and saves over kills,
  4. passing,
  5. team strategy, and
  6. goal tending skills.

There are two Football+ servers, one is located in the central United States, and the other in France.


  • Ratings (not yet)


The Football+ servers are the flagship of a new rating system being actively developed and incorporated into the alti+server ecosystem. This rating system tracks players even as they switch teams, looks at how their team does whilst they are on it, updates their score based on individual effort, and updates their rating based on all these factors

Currently under development, is a system to use these ratings to create more fair and balanced teams to enhance game play and ensure the rating system.


  • biell
  • Brutal
  • list
  • Solikos

Server Configuration

  • AltitudeServerConfig
    • maxPlayerCount=14
    • autoBalanceTeams=true
    • preventTeamSwitching=false
    • disableBalanceTeamsPopup=false
    • callEndOfRoundVote=false
    • BotConfig
      • numberOfBots=2
      • botDifficulty=EXPERT
      • botSpectateThreshold=6
    • PlaneBallGameMode
      • goalsPerRound=49
      • RoundLimit=1
      • roundTimeSeconds=915
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