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1-Life Hit

The 1LH game type is a simple modification of the standard 1DM game mode. Maps should either start with 1lh_ or 1dm_1lh_. The 1LH game type was invented by Stam for use by the {TBG} clan on their private server. It is, however, a fun game type which helps to expand Altitude skills, and so was added to the list of Alti+ game types.

In this game type, each player is restricted to the same plane, with the same red (weapon) perk. Usually one of the weapons (primary or secondary) is disabled.

The default configuration for 1LH game types is Biplane with Heavy Cannon, and secondary weapons disabled. Players are free to choose their Green and Blue perks. Running into walls does the same damage as a regular game, so Repair Drone is still applicable in this mode, though Flexible Wings is commonly the standard green perk chosen. All Blue perks are in play with this game type, though Ace Instincts requires even more skill than normal provide benefit.

An example shows that this map can be designed like any 1DM map.

Making 1LH maps

Make a standard 1DM map to create a 1LH map. Keep in mind that health power-ups only help players who run into walls, since one enemy hit will kill them.

If you wish to use the default Biplane setup, you are done by starting your map with the name 1dm_1lh_. If you wish to manually specify the settings, these would be entered into the console or embedded in your plus.txt configuration file:

/add planes +Biplane,Heavy Cannon
/set weapons 2
/set spawnHealth 10

These two lines will restrict the plane choice to Bip with HC and disable secondary weapons. These lines can be changed to any plane configuration and either weapon. Spawn health is set to 10% by default, that can be changed here to be low enough that any hit will kill, but higher than 1 is preferable, as the server has been known to be quirky at a spawnHealth of 1 before.

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