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1-Life FFA

The 1fa game type is a simple modification of the standard ffa game mode. Maps should either start with ffa_1fa_, ffa_2fa_, ffa_3fa_, etc. and the number of lives will automatically be set to the number before the fa.

The original concept was to create a ffa version of 1dm, and it quickly morphed into finding that probably 3 lives is the optimal value for fun and to get games to last between 2-3 minutes. Although this value may change from map to map. Because new players have to wait to spawn and the limited lives, the game lengths should be shorter to simulate 1dm style rounds.

The winner in a 1FA match is the last player standing. As such, players will not be able to join the game late and failure to spawn will cause a player to loose a “life”.

An example shows that this map can be designed like any ffa map.

Making 1FA maps

Make a standard ffa map to create a 1fa map. Players will want to engage differently on 1fa than standard ffa. You will want to create opportunities for ambush and escape.

If you wish to use the default configuration for 3-lives, you are done by starting your map with the name ffa_3fa_. If you wish to manually specify the settings to override standard settings, this would be entered into the console or embedded in your plus.txt configuration file:

/set lives 3
/set spawnHealth 95
/set roundTime 180

These lines specify that each player gets 3 lives (so you can override the map name with this), players spawn with only 95% health which seems to make randa a little less OP, and matches are set to only 3 minutes, so they feel more like rounds in 1dm than full ffa games.

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