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Old forum archive

This page contains a full, static HTML archive tarball of the original Altitude forums. To use this archive, follow these steps:

  1. Verify you have 14GB space free. The tarball is 420MB, but it unpacks to 14GB. It was 33GB before I started.
  2. Download the altitudegame.tar.xz tarball. It is archived with tar and compresses with the xz compression program.
  3. Unpack the archive onto a filesystem which uses a directory inode tree structure to store files and can have 500,000 files or more per directory. ext4, xfs, and btrfs will all work for this.
  4. Configure a new document root, virtual host, location, etc per the web server (apache, nginx, etc.) requirements and configure SSI (Server Side Includes) for that root.
  5. Configure the server to point 404 errors to the unpacked 404.html file
  6. Edit the 404.html file as you see fit to explain the requested file is not part of the mirror.
  7. Edit the forums/search.html to change the “sitesearch” from to your site
  8. Tell google to index your site. You can perform a manual site search and that sometimes works. After google indexes your site, the search bar will relatively work for people.

Contact biell on the new forums if you have any questions.

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