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Coop+ Advanced

The Coop+ Advanced Altitude server is configured with the hardest Coop maps. It should be considered a graduation point from the Coop+ server.

  1. Each map can have automatic team assignments,
  2. planes capable of breaking the map can be disallowed,
  3. records are kept for each completed game,
  4. the server is configured with minimal bots,
  5. each map provides 3 chances to complete before moving on, and
  6. the /restartMap command exists for easy map restarts.



  • biell
  • Brutal
  • list


Moderators can run /restartMap, /balanceTeams, /changeMap, and /randomMap.

  • estguy
  • ziliss
  • [pope]Hawkward
  • [MEGA] MasterGeek
  • Mavis
  • Vesuvius


Records are stored on a per-round basis. If you complete only one round, then that is the one recorded. If you complete all 3, then they are all recorded. Records are only recorded if you win.

See the coop+ records section for more information on how records are kept for coop maps. In addition to all the features in TBD and BALL coop, in 1DE coop, records are displayed when the bomb must be planted to provide you with a better idea of when a record opportunity has passed.

Server Configuration

  • AltitudeServerConfig
    • maxPlayerCount=10
    • autoBalanceTeams=false
    • preventTeamSwitching=false
    • disableBalanceTeamsPopup=true
    • callEndOfRoundVote=true
    • BotConfig
      • numberOfBots=1
      • botDifficulty=EASY
      • botSpectateThreshold=20
    • BaseDestroyGameMode
      • RoundLimit=1
    • ObjectiveGameMode
      • gamesPerRound=4
      • gamesPerSwitchSides=1000
      • gameWinMargin=0
      • RoundLimit=1
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