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Dodgeball was invented by VAN1SH1NG as one of his early examples of what an extended Altitude could look like. The game is re-created on Alti+ servers with as close resemblance to the original as I can tell.

The purpose of the game is to get other players out by hitting them with the ball, and at the same time not get out yourself by getting hit by the ball. Getting “hit” in this game is to be forced to catch the ball before it has been in the air for a full second.

The Alti+ version puts the server into Tournament mode to avoid team switching and to help it gracefully survive disconnects. Each player gets 3 eliminations. If they fail to spawn after becoming eliminated, they will get another elimination after a period of time, this will continue until they are out.


  1. The first team to remove all the opposing players from the match wins
  2. Eliminate a player 3 times to remove them from the match
  3. To eliminate an opposing player, force them to catch the ball within 1 second of throwing it
  4. Players are eliminated if they cross the center line
  5. Plane size will increase during the game
  6. Killing is allowed, does not eliminate player
  7. Players cannot be eliminated for 2 seconds after spawning
  8. When eliminated, you have 1.5 seconds to pass the ball to a teammate before it is reset to the center of the map

Changing Outs

If the players agree, the number of eliminations can be changed for a round from the default of 3. The number of eliminations can be set to any integer from 1 to 20. It can be done with the following command:

/vote game outs 5
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